About Us

We Are Pittsburgh Machine Guns

PMG is PittsburghFFL.com and RangeMonkey.com. We are a group of firearms enthusiasts that want to promote firearms education and safety specifically as it relates to NFA items (machine guns, short barrel rifles, and suppressors). Many people aren't aware that Machine Guns are perfectly legal to own and shoot for normal law abiding citizens in the state of Pennsylvania. With proper knowledge and understanding of their function; Machine guns are not only a fantastic investment, but they are extremely enjoyable and safe to shoot.

Let us help you plan your next bachelor (or bachelorette!) party, corporate event, or private party. No group is too big or too small. We promise this will be a day full of smiles that you won't forget. Fill out the "Plan an Event" form and we will contact you to discuss prices for different event packages.

If you're looking for more information about owning Machineguns, Suppressors, or Short Barrel rifles then check out our FAQ page or our NFA History page to learn information about the NFA laws and machinegun ownership.