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Information on Buying, Selling, and Machinegun Estates

Purchasing NFA Items

A common misconcpetion amongst the general public and even some avid shooters is that machine guns and suppressors are not legal to own. Machineguns can be owned by normal citizens once the proper paperwork is completed, reviewed, and approved by the ATF. The laws and history of the ATF as it relates to NFA items can be found here.

The high initial cost of purchasing a machine gun is usually a deterant for the average person. A fully automatic rifle may cost exponentially more than the same rifle in a semi-automatic configuration. The reason is much the same that old cars or other antiques continue to appreciate in value. Because of the Firearm Owner's Protection Act of 1986; there are no new machine guns being entered into the market and the ATF is unlikely to ever open the registry to new machine guns again. As large collectors continue to scoop up machineguns, the supply continues to dwindle. The end result is that machine gun owners have seen staggering appreciation of their investment. If only stocks, bonds, or even precious metals were as much fun as machineguns!

PMG can assist you with purchasing your first or your next machine gun. PMG's services include:

  • Identifying investment grade machineguns
  • Verifying the ownership and authenticity of the machinegun being purchased
  • Brokering the best possible deal based on current market conditions from a huge network of machinegun dealers
  • Assist with NFA forms for submission to the ATF

  • Please use the Contact Form to tell us a little bit about what you're looking for and we'll tell you how we can help!

    Selling your personal NFA Items

    We've cooresponded with many machinegun owners that are shocked to find out what their machineguns are worth compared to when they purchased them several decades ago or even a few years in many cases. PMG monitors machinegun prices constantly and can help you get top dollar for your machine gun. Depending on the customer's requirements, we are happy to make an offer outright for your machinegun or put it on the open market to get highest and best value. Our services include:

  • Appraisal
  • Cash offers fast for your machinegun
  • Broker your machine gun to hundreds of dealers around the country
  • Verify that buyers are qualified and able to purchase NFA items

  • Please use the Contact Form to tell us a little bit about what you want to sell and we'll tell you the best way to get top dollar as fast as possible! There are no obligations required.

    Estates with NFA Items

    In our experience, Machinegun owners are often private individuals who don't often mention their collections unless in the presence of other machine gun owners. Sometimes even attorneys responsible for handling estates or accountants handling intimate financial details aren't aware that the owner has machine guns. This can present unusual problems if the owner passes away without clear instructions on how to handle these items. The ATF does make provisions for transferring registered machine guns to family. Great care is required when handling an estate where machine guns are present. We've heard many stories of old war trophies / bring-backs being found in garages by the family of lost loved ones. Merely being in possession of these without documentation is a federal crime. PGM's estate services include:

  • Determining whether the machine guns are registered and lawful. Assisting with destruction if they are not.
  • Assisting with the transfer of the machineguns from the deceased to the family if that is what they desire
  • Appraisal of the inventory.
  • Cash offers for registered machine guns.
  • Brokering for top dollar to other dealers in the country.

  • Please use the Contact Form to inquire about how to handle NFA items held in an estate.

    Law Enforcement Agencies

    Agencies across the country are struggling with dimished budgets. Ironically, many of them are a phone call away from money in the bank. Aside from private individuals, police departments represent the greatest share of registered machinegun ownership in the US. Many departments don't sell their unused and dust collecting machine guns for any of the follow reasons:

    - They have no idea what they're worth
    - They've been forgotten in the armory
    - They don't want to deal with the politics / stigma attached to publicly selling machine guns

    PGM can assist you with getting top dollar for your department's old machineguns. Our services include:

  • Offering a fair cash price for your department's machineguns.
  • Brokering a sale via auction, a machinegun dealer network, or a private list of machinegun collectors
  • Offering trades toward modern machineguns, semi-automatic rifles, or other equipment that the department needs to perform its duties.
  • Arranging for discreet transfer to ourselves or the final buyer
  • Assist with NFA form submission to the ATF

  • Please use the Contact Form to inquire about the best ways to turn your department's unused machineguns into cash.